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Type here about your favorite RP and the storyline about it, here is one on my faction (Corinth) and its timeline

Faction: Corinth
Power: Military and Economic growth expanding, nation is becoming an empire (However Golden Age of Corinth has ended)
Size of Empire: Like its Rivals of Sparta and Athens, the nation has started colonies in Turkey and Sicily, and recently the Athenian colony of Sikyos overturned control to Corinth. They also have a few colonies east of Thessalonki. The Corinthian Empire is currently controlling half of the Peloponnese, however Sparta and the upcoming state of Patrai are becoming major threats.

Time line of Corinthian Events
Time (RP time) Event
-150 yrsAthenian Colony of Corinth begun, using a small village already in place
-50 yrs Corinth Delcares independence, Athens beaten after Spartans support the uprising
0 yrs The first king of Corinth, Phillip I is thrown off a cliff after betraying Corinth
5 yrs Corinth enters a golden age, former Athenian army general Melagius (Who was assigned to Corinth) exits hiding and takes command of the Corinthian armies, further defeating a Spartan-Patrai army and taking much of the Peloponnese
6 yrs Plague hits Athens, Sparta and Corinth unite to defeat a rival, however the Athenian forces manage to beat the union, despite fewer odds
8 yrs 2nd war with Sparta, Corinth wins again and takes nearly half of the Peloponnese
10 yrs The town of Heralakes (East of Thessalonki) Succeeds control to Corinth, followed by its allied town of Rohoklos
15 yrs Heralakes defeats the armies of Thessalonki, 3rd war of Sparta, Patrai and Corinthian union defeated, however much of Spartan army is destroyed, thus declaring a truce
18 yrs The Siege of Patrai, the Corinthian attackers are repelled but manage to gain much of Patrai's precious farmland and gold mines
21 yrs The armies of Persia declare war against the nations of Greece, Heralakes is sieged but saved by a union of Greek forces
22 yrs The Persian army is defeated, some cities along western Turkey become Corinthian control, the Golden Age of Corinth begins
25 yrs A union of Thrace and Scythia sees a huge attack to the states of Greece, Athens and Thessalonki fall and Heralakes is sacked, however Sparta and Corinth defeat the union and eventually start colonies in the north
26 yrs Heralakes once more flies the Corinthian flag
28 yrs War between Corinth and Athens, much of the islands around Greece become Corinthian control
32 yrs Egyptians declare a war against Corinth, the Egyptians are eventually beaten, however much of the Corinthian islands are taken
35 yrs Corinthian colony of Scyops is formed in Sicily
37 yrs The Herascans declare war against the Heralakes Sub-ordinacy of Corinth, General Melagius is killed in combat and a draw is forced as the enemies lose their army
38 yrs A strike at Verales is crushed by the new commander, Diomedes, Leonidas becomes his second in command
40 yrs The Corinthians once again attack Athens, much of the Piraeus farmland is burnt
45 yrs Athenian war ends after no battles between the two superpowers for 5 years, the Greek isle of Sikyos succeeds control to Corinth
50 yrsCorinthian general Diomedes and Leonidas face a strike at the outpost of Forlorn, Diomedes and Leonidas are killed by bandits and Commander Archiades takes command, end of the Golden age of Corinth, Corinthian power will remain great and the empire will expand but at a considerably lower rate than previously

Corinth is one of the major players during the Peloponnesian war and managed to turn the tides of war during the Peloponnesian war, although they were allied to Sparta for most of the war, the Army did briefly fight for Athens. In my RPs the nation has been a small faction that has expanded to become an empire from Athenian mistakes. The Athenians hired Corinthian general Melagius to command the defence of Corinth, however he eventually declared independence and led the country through hardship to victory, although he was killed he has seen through the country into many problems and overcomed them, he is the greatest general Corinth will have and his lieutenants Diomedes and Leonidas took control after. Their command under various emporers has succeeded and they have expanded the empire quickly. I have not gone through the new general yet.

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Well, I have a few major continuous RPs. The biggest one being my Norse RP.

The main character is Slode (~42), a son of Odin, through Thor and a daughter of Loki, making him an immortal Demigod. He wears a black armor that doesn't shine. He has a special hammer where the metal seems to change color. The hammer is believed to be one of the few hammers made by the spare materials of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Like Mjolnir, it can change size, fitting as a symbol on his necklace. This is exceptionally practical for Slode because he is a shape-shifter. An ability that he inherited from Loki, whom he does not really respect, but is grateful to receive his favor.

The other minor reoccurring characters are Jotun, A Frost Giant who is a also a descendant of Loki. He is usually grumpy and prays at his temple. He respects Slode but doesn't show it very well. Slode and Jotun both have a soft spot for Kara.

Kara (~30) is a Valkyrie and daughter of Odin. She prays a top the hills to the Wise Father and collects knowledge from Muninn, one of Odin's ravens. She usually is accompanied by a few more Valkyries. She is very fond of Slode and is one of the few who can shrug off Jotun's intimidation.

Björn is the best warrior of Slode's nation (next to Slode himself), and also the oldest. Though Slode is immortal, he keeps his shape-shifting a secret. Only Björn knows of it. Björn, becoming the older one, after Slode reaches "adulthood", acts more like a father figure to Slode.

The timeline is a little unclear to the Norse people, as only Slode, Jotun and Kara know the true story. The story begins from the rise of the Dragon Fort. The first one:
The beginning: The Dragon Fort, a small village in the Norselands is created under the rule of Valgar, the Chief. He is not a kind Chief, but he knows what he is doing and does it well enough. The people do not favor him however. Slode (20) is but a young warrior at this time, as he will age into "adulthood". No one knows of his heritage. Isgard, a town farther away, forms an alliance with the Fort. The Dragon Fort honors the Dragon Grabak, protector of the Norse Territories, who flies high in the sky, patrolling the lands.

+15 Years: During this time, the people of the Dragon Fort do not approve of Valgar, who is trying to expand farther than the Norse Territories. Different Jarls, heads of the warriors, namely Hrain, Thorvald, Slode, Vigfus, and Gygax revolt against Valgar, who faces off against them. At this time, Slode has in his possession a hammer that he had found during his venture into the Fenrir Forest. The Jarls fight and kill Valgar, the last blow being struck by Slode wielding a red-tinged hammer.

+20 Years: At this point, the five Jarls cannot decide what to do. They end up going to different areas of the Norse Territories, becoming Chiefs of their own colony, but remain a North Alliance. During this time, Slode goes into the Fenrir Forest and finding a clearing, forms the Hidden Fort, so he is not pestered by the other Chiefs. Along with his followers is a warrior named Björn (45). Björn piques Slode's interest and they quickly become good friends. Isgard, at this time, grows rapidly, being away from this harsh environment.

+22 Years: The five Chiefs begin to quarrel about resources and how they do not help each other. Vigfus blames Slode and Thorvald of treachery and stealing. Slode quickly sees through his ruse to distract the suspicion on himself, who in turn rages war. Thorvald leaves for warmer lands with the few followers that go with him. Slode regrets the decision, stating that Thorvald was the most honorable of them all. The remaining four Chiefs go into a political war. Nobody physically fights, but there is much yelling and robbery of rival clans. The economy of each clan plummets. At this time, Kara and Jotun stay hidden. Slode announces his heritage, as he doesn't age anymore. This causes the other three Chiefs to go into an outrage and see him as their biggest enemy.

+29 Years: Vigfus burns down the deserted Dragon Fort, as a sign of his independence, enraging the others. This leads the ashamed Grabak to disappear. This prompts Slode to go to the other Chiefs with Björn, and make peace. Only Hrain accepts, seeing as he cannot beat a Demi-God. Gygax, an old protégé of Valgar, however, tries to kill Slode, resulting in his own death by Björn's blade. Slode then goes to Vigfus, trying to make peace. Vigfus, who sees himself as the most worthy of being Chief, doesn't accept. His stubbornness results in his last followers, tired and weary, to go to Slode. Vigfus, in an outrage, attacks Slode, only to be caught and imprisoned. He is punished for burning the Dragon Fort by being tied up where the followers of the surviving colonies, who have now all come together under Slode's leadership, throw fruit and dirt at him. He is then killed for his insult to the Dragons of the Norse Territories.

+50 Years: Slode, still 42, and Björn now 75, but blessed with longer youth for his aid, are the two leaders of the rebuilt Dragon Fort. The new Fort is located near the ruins of the old one. The old clan colonies become extended "guilds" of the Dragon Fort: The port and the outpost. Jotun and Kara are now out of hiding and with Slode, protecting the lands the best they can. Even Grabak, the Dragon of lore, has returned to help protect the lands it grew up in. Grabak would only come down from the high skies when Slode called him for assistance, as a reward for Slode's noble act to restore the land. Some bigger Fenris Broods have left the Forest, seeming to guard the canyon leading into the middle of the Norse Territories. They do not let anyone pass, unless accompanied by Slode, for he was their protector in the Fenrir Forest. Isgard, now a powerful city, holds up their alliance with the Dragon Fort. Their Chief, the son of the missing Thorvald, Thorin, makes a deal with the Dragon Fort to supply them with resources, if they act as a guard to the more northern areas into Isgard. This leads to warriors of Isgard coming and residing in the Dragon Fort. They are blessed by Slode and Björn's presence in the holy Dragon Fort, making them fight as if they have trained for 100 years. The Dragon Fort has since then adapted the name Isgard Fort. Slode is now seen as one of the Legendary Jarls, head of the Isgardian warriors. The Norse Territories enter their Age of Prosper.
I usually jump back and forth between the timeline of this RP, as well as add on when new things happen. I am quite proud of this RP Story because of the history I have created behind the whole story. Very Happy I even RP with the other Clan Chiefs on occasion. For those of you who read this long entry, thanks for your time and I hope to see you in future RPs What a Face

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Okay I should update what has happened.

Thanks to Askares (A demi-god controlled by Yankee) he has ressurected General Melagius, and Corinth has entered the 'Second Golden Age'. With conquests beginning in Southern Italy and into Dacia (With the help of a new ally, Thrace) The Corinthians are really beginning to make progress, their Persian Colonies are becoming a real resource factor in these invasions.

However so far, Zethos, a Persian God accepted into the Greek Pantheon, has been slain, through the use of a special spear. This ended his life painfully however there is still the chance that Hades can ressurect him.

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Ah yes, Askares. To explain his story....

Askares is the scorned son of Ares and Aphrodite during their love affair. His parents help him survive the best they can without angering the other gods. To do this more secretly, Ares gave him a golden armor similar to his own and a long sword with a dark red hilt. Aphrodite gave him a pair of short swords that glisten gold in the sunlight. All three objects were made in Hephaestus' forge by his cyclops, who are infatuated by Aphrodite's beauty and persuaded to make them. Athena has taken a liking to Askares and helps him in ways Ares cannot. Although most of the Olympian gods look down at the Demi-god Askares, Hephaestus, husband of Aphrodite, truly despises him.

Askares seeks recognition of the gods, especially Hephaestus. Askares does not understand why the gods blame him for his heritage. Zeus will not harm him, for Askares is his own blood. Poseidon sometimes intervenes, but usually to guide Askares down the right path, although not always the easiest. Hades will trick him time to time, as seen when he resurrected Melagius and Cillian from Erebus and his optimism for a better Corinth suddenly turned on him.

During Askares' long journey, he has participated in "Endurance Races", held by the City of Phylos around the continent. The point of these races is to see which individual can run the longest and farthest. Many soldiers die of exhaustion. Askares has won every single race he has attended. The Race commissioners are to take all the winners to Phylos, where they are welcomed as allies. Askares cannot afford this advertised dominance, in fear of the God's wrath, and tries his best to stay low, only participating in these races coincidently for the reward.

One race, after three long days of running, he is alone with one other runner. Zethos also was in the race, but gave up because otherwise the race would never have ended. This runner does not give up however, and doesn't seem to get tired. It turns out that he is Hesphus, a son of Hephaestus and Aphrodite, making him Askares' half brother. They talk while they run side by side and figure this out. Hesphus is first mad at him for what Ares did to Hephaestus, but later forgives him and helps him when Zethos needed Askares' help to defeat Vetaran.

Since then, Askares has been intertwined with the fate of Corinth, assuming the role of its Emporer for the time being. Hesphus has gone off to Phylos, where Askares longs to go because for whatever reason, he is being pushed in that direction...

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Hades has started doing a spectral flashback RP, which really helps to introduce new RPers to our connected continuous RP. I think it is still worthwhile to update it here so RPers who don't get a chance to witness the RP don't wonder what the hell we are talking about ;P My two continuous RPs have currently joined into one and are mirroring eachother when I use only one of them doing an WRP.
Askares has resigned from his position as Emporer of Corinth. He still feels he needs to prove himself worthy to the Olympian Gods. He begins travelling through the Norselands and eventually meets Slode at the Dragon Fort. The two become friends and explain to each other their heritage and what they are. Their similarities strengthen their friendship. Askares stays in the Norselands for roughly one year and is acknowledged by the Norsemen as a Jarl of Slode, much like Björn.

Askares receives the "mark" of Zethos, causing Zeus and the other gods to believe that he actually is Zethos. Zeus appears before him and orders him to return to Olympus. Askares thinks this is some cruel joke and argues with the King of Gods. Slode, being the only one to see Askares during his episode, suggests finding Zethos, because something must have happened to him in order to receive his "mark". Askares is instructed by Slode to pray to Zethos, which suddenly pulls Askares in Zethos' direction. Slode, being the only one of the Protectors of the Norselands (Slode, Kara, Jotun, [Grabak]) you can leave the Norselands, follows him. They end up confronting Vetaran and another Immortal called Le'res (both controlled by Hades) who are standing infront of an immobilized Zethos. A small fight breaks out and Vetaran freezes Askares and Slode in place. Slode breaks free, and quickly shapeshifts into an ethereal being to avoid being seen. Vetaran is about to finish his plan when Le'res kills him with a shard of Hades' Spear. Le'res joins up with Askares to find a statue that is housing Zethos' mind. They decide to look in the desert and Slode comes back, offering his assistance.

They arrive at the desert, and to find the statue with Zethos' mind, they decide to pray. Le'res prays, and Zethos' body begins to glow. Askares prays and it gets brighter. They realize they need more power and ask Slode to pray. He argues, saying that his heritage forbids it. He reluctantly does however, and is troubled by an ominous energy afterward. Zethos' body flies towards the statue, but they realize in order to break it, they have to strike it with their godly weapons at the same time. They do so, and Zethos is free.

Slode, still troubled, states that he must return to the Norselands and he parts with Askares. Askares carries on with his travels. Back at the borders to the Norselands, Slode is met by Björn, Kara and Jotun. Kara and Jotun explain to Slode that once he steps into the Norselands, he will be stripped of his priveledge to carry the hammer that he found from the Fenrir Forest. He will also lose his position as protector of the Norselands. He enters anyway, ready to face the consequences of dishonoring his fathers (Odin, Thor, Loki). His hammer flies off to the North and the blessing of the Dragon Fort disappears. Björn becomes weary from the loss of his blessing of youth. Kara and Jotun return to their temples ready to help Slode with his plans to regain his former glory.
That should cover Hades and my RP for the time being Razz

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Well, All I can say is that I haven't really played a Part in either of the Rp's. However I will be joining in with Hades' Corinth RP, as a new threat. I cant exactly say what will happen other then that the new threat will be the beginning of the Roman Empire. Hopefully I'll be able to post more here soon.

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Adding our latest bit!

Askares, Le'res and Zethos fell into the trap of the Magician Immortal Haldria. Zethos sacrifices himself to defeat Haldria and break her spell, however the mercenary immortal Vanyeh flees and leaves Le'res and Askares to find the next immortal... the former head Immortal usurped by Vetaran currently housing himself in a Corinthian Ranger base outside of Corinth.

The Spectral Flashback RP is a very... unusual and peculiar RP, it does introduce vague aspects of the RP storyline (And once they join the RP they will understand what was going on in the Spectrums upon speaking to the actual characters) I believe it also helps train newer RPers into being prepared for the seriously unusual, as they have to open a new trail of thought. This may give them new RP ideas for the future and allow a more abstract trail of thought in RPs.

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Very true, although anyone could just jump into the RP. Its sort of set in chapters and you don't actually need to know the beginning to get into it.

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Put simply So far in my Rp:

The town of Exres, Nothing more then a small military base obliterated a Corinthian Colony in the north west reaches of Greece. Several ship's escaped alerting the rest of the colonies of the threat.

Vetaran has discovered the town and the town's leader "Plino" Has led Vetaran to early Rome, After once again killing Zethos.

Hades should post in more detail.

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Oh man, I haven't updated in awhile. I guess Hades will have to elobarate on his part. I will put this in a nutshell.

Slode regained his former glory (I have yet to RP how, but the final test was defended the Norselands from the bad Immortals for the time being). He regained his powers and reobtained his Hammer. Jotun at this time, reveals that he was holding on to the second of three Hammers. He, believing that the time has now come, gives Slode the second Hammer. As of now, Slode wields two identical Hammers, and when he holds them simultaneously, sparks fly from the grips. He has also unlocked more of his potential: He can enter what the Norse call the Gray Void, rendering him unseeable, untouchable, unhearable, and overall untracable, but he can witness everything.

After he obtained these powers he met up with Askares, Hesphus and some surviving Immortals and confronted Vetaran in Lava's town of Exres, where Vetaran was in power. Veteran used his Death Sc'ara, getting rid of the Immortals including Zethos. Askares and Hesphus escaped and ran towards the Norselands while Slode stayed back. Slode, thinking the Sc'ara would be powerless against him, was ready for whatever happened. After Vetaran attacked him, Slode was hit, but entered the Gray Void, a field between life and death. It acts as his safety net from death, as long as Kara is able to revive his physical form at a temple of Odin. Slode came back and for the time being, stays in the Norselands. When he entered the Gray Void from Veteran's attack, he was able to snatch the Sc'ara that Zethos dropped upon his death.

Slode, Askares and Hesphus are currently at the Dragon Fort, planning their next move.

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After Ra's idea to make a Saga RP, I decided to come up with another continuous RP. Seeing as the Saga RP never really kicked off, I am using this one randomly and have formed the backstory and character.

So the main character is a guy name Dikastís. The names in this RP are based off Greek words, so the names give away some hints. Dikastís = Judge. Dikastís is a 25 year old blonde male. He wears lead armor infused with heat-treated iron. The armor has a copper lining. He carries with him a matching lead shield infused with the same iron. The shield also has a copper rim around it.

He has a black leather quiver that is modified and has three holes like sheathes. He carries three swords that fit in this quiver. He has had these swords since as long as he can remember. They were "assigned" to him since his birth.

The three swords are very special, he does not know their full powers himself. He also does not know why he has them. The three swords are:

- Sword of Nature: Bronze hilt. The blade has a green-tinge to the metal.

- Sword of Power: Silver hilt. The blade has a red-tinge to the metal.

- Sword of Wisdom: Gold hilt. The blade has a blue-tinge to the metal.

All he knows is that these swords grant him blessings when he uses them. For example, the Sword of Nature allows him to create life in barren areas or bodies of water, heal wounds quickly, and grow plant life. The Sword of Power blesses him with more strength, making him more of a brute force while fighting. The sword can also cut through what many other swords cannot. The Sword of Wisdom blesses him with foresight. Whether he actually sees what the actions of his decisions will be, or if he just accurately deduces what the most likely outcome of his actions will be is unknown for now. The sword also blesses him with combat knowledge and martial art skills, making him more of a tactical swordsman with it, instead of a brute force.

One major problem is that he cannot be separated from the swords. If he is too far away from the swords, he starts to feel horrible pain. The reason is unknown, but the farther the distance, the heavier the swords weigh (exponential increase Wink) and the more pain Dikastís feels.

The shield, a symbol of protection, is actually a protection against him holding another sword rather than protection against enemies. When he does drop the shield and dual wield any of the two swords, unpredictable powers occur along with side-effects.

One example I RPed was he used the Swords of Power and Wisdom at the same time and had Superhuman fighting skills and strength. Quicker reaction, better tactics, as if he saw the enemies move and was able to deal heavier blows. The side-effect was that he felt excruciating pain in his arms, mainly his hands, which appear to smoke if he dual wields the swords too long.

He almost never dual wields, fearing what could happen. He knows little of the powers of the swords. He travels the world looking for answers.

He has gotten this far in my latest RP:

Dikastís stumbles upon the town of Ezra. The town dedicated to Gaia was known for its abundant life and beautiful trees, but when he arrived, it was a barren, desolate area. With his Sword of Nature, he was able to grow trees and bring fish into the rivers again. Once the area was stable, he was able to sheathe the sword. The villagers thanked him and the priest, who is a priest of ancient practice, examined the sword and said it is a Sword of Gaia, who in the ancient tongue is called Phylis (Fylis = Nature in Greek).

The priests of ancient are a line of priests that believed that there was a circle of three gods that were the all power in the beginning. This trio then disbanded at one point. The Deities can therefore be placed into any culture. The other two being Exousio (Power) and Sophio (Sophia = Wisdom). The priest had forgotten the modern names of the other two Deities, because each priest of ancient devotes his life to one Deity. He wanted nothing to do with the other two, saying power is useless in the peaceful town of Ezra and wisdom is gained by observing nature. All he knows is that each sword is blessed by its respective Deity.

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I actually have a minor continuous RP where its biggest influence was during Lava's RP with Daemon, a son of Gaia.

My last continuous RP is about Aeos, a horse breeder.

Aeos is a horse breeder living on an island ranch with a few more ranchers. They own a huge herd of the most magnificent horses. The horses are tended to carefully. Some make the strongest of companions and some are lightning fast. The horses are a pure race. Before he obtained this breed of horse, he bred average horses. Aeos claims he had a dream where Athena came to him (chronically around the time of Atlantis sinking) and she gifted him with the Atlantean horses of Poseidon. (I mean, when Atlantis sunk, what ever happened to all their herds of horses?! xP) He woke up the next morning to find his herd of horses had grown 10-fold and were much better-kept.

He has one secret, his horse, a tall , charcoal-black horse, is a Pegasus. It can tuck its wings in and hide them very well. The others do not know that it is a Pegasus, especially because it is black. (I know, racist!!!) He lives on the ranch with the other workers and tends to his horses.

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"Aeos is a horse breeder living on an island ranch with a few more ranchers"

looks like gay cowboy roleplay, Hades will like


byyyyehyyye ;D 11


~ HoR_Mouwsey / Pitchdark
I mainly do supremacy & WRP games.

Pump that shit, Masked Mays xD
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He could actually be gay. I have never seen that done in an RP on AoM before. xD

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Note: I practically gave up on where I started with Daemon. But I decided to try again once Vetaran get's to rome... I remember hades saying something about Zethos only being vulnerable to Gaia... Hint Hint... Uhm, I'm still thinking it through though.. So yea. Just saying.

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HoR_Lord_Lava wrote:Note: I practically gave up on where I started with Daemon. But I decided to try again once Vetaran get's to rome... I remember hades saying something about Zethos only being vulnerable to Gaia... Hint Hint... Uhm, I'm still thinking it through though.. So yea. Just saying.
You only stopped because I got so pissed off at him for trying to kill Aeos' Pegasus. What does he have, a horse fetish? Beastiality is mentioned often in Mythology, but give me a break. xD

No seriously, I remember talking about the connection with Zethos and his vulnerablitiy to Gaia. We both had our epic >:} faces going because we could screw up Hades' RP. Dikastís has a connection to Gaia aswell, but from an ancient era proceeding the Greek mythology. I wonder if Daemon is familiar with it? >:}

I could possibly connect all my RPs. AoM Avengers: Slode, Kara, Dikastís. Askares, Hesphus 11

No, I did combine them once in an RP where Gaia followers, alongside Demons of Erebus fought Tartarian spawns that were breaking free. Slode, Dikastís, Kara, Askares and Versi (My Egyptian RP hero) were together helping the Gaia followers.

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I was there.

No I gave up on Daemon because I hadnt thought through the plot.

Please elaborate Dikastís and who he is, then I can decide...

(I honestly dont know who he is.)

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HoR_Lord_Lava wrote:I was there.

No I gave up on Daemon because I hadnt thought through the plot.

Please elaborate Dikastís and who he is, then I can decide...

(I honestly dont know who he is.)

Read post number 11 on this topic. Dikastís is the guy with three swords. I use the Jason unit for him.

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oh yea... That's me not reading properly XD

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