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The end of a clan, the start of a new era

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1The end of a clan, the start of a new era Empty The end of a clan, the start of a new era on Fri May 20, 2011 11:28 pm

Good evening fellow members of HoR,

As you know, I have been attempting to achieve the clan of the community - which soon we will be achieving, but first I am to make some changes!

Officially we are no longer the "HoR Clan", you may notice we use "FreeClanForum" in our domain name, rather than changing it and frustrating our members, the website URL shall remain the same.

So, what has changed? We are now the Heroes of Roleplay Commune. A community dedicated to Roleplay, but that means we cannot achieve the perfect community clan any more - because we will become it from this move!

Please, advertise the community site at roleplays, this will allow us to be run by the community, no longer will this site be closed to the public, despite its inactivity, I will be taking a huge risk by activating it.

Further more here are the changes on the ranks:

Earl: A member that used to train normal members, your new duties involve training members from outside the clan, and helping out on the Union of Roleplayers.

Lord: You were there for leadership, and now this isn't strictly a clan, your duties are the same as the Earls, in addition to helping solve the problems of the community, you act as a sort of 3rd party, you attempt to resolve conflicts that go on through the community by suggesting ways that could end the conflict. Alternatively, you may contact me asking for a different job if you do not feel that you will work!

SA: You are now a dead rank, the SA is merged into the Advisor rank, but you follow the same roles as the Advisor, however have control over the other advisors

OL: Your rank is gone for the same reasons and changes are the same



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