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Congratulations Speech style thing

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1Congratulations Speech style thing Empty Congratulations Speech style thing on Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:43 am

Well done my friends! Thanks to the hard earned efforts of our individuals we have managed to raise ESO count to 260 on weekends! These numbers according to HeavenGames records, state that ESO has not seen these numbers since June 2010. That is great and shows commitment that we are really proving our capabilities as clans!

Now there are a few individuals within and external to HoR I would like to thank:

HoR Members:
HoRH_Lord_Vult of everyone within HoR you have provided the most support to the community! Your efforts have seen the RP community once again grow and it is nearly prospering at the numbers it once was a year ago! Well done and my congratulations!
HoR_Mittyho you have proved yourself by ressurecting a community that was on the edge of its death, that of the FWG community. Thanks to your efforts we have seen this community once again be alive within ESO and we hope your work will lead to a brighter future for them! As you are not yet of Warrior rank, I cannot promote you to Earl until you pass the Warrior RP rank for your efforts.
HoR_OV_CodieEK you have proved yourself through design. Working with new designers you have not only adapted your own skills but increased the number of designers that still roam the game today! Congratulations!
HoR_PoL_Poseidon you have shown your skill at helping any community in need, and by providing assistance by hosting a mix of games and joining dying communities, you have helped many of these from dropping in numbers!

RoK Members
Only one member of RoK has been active enough and helping enough for me to thank! RoK_Count_Magma has of course recieved this, and he has shown his ways by providing assistance all round actively. You have helped us to ressurect the RP community and HoR is indeed grateful.

DRP Members
Of the members left, Ninja recieves this one, he has provided great support and is very likely a valuable asset within keeping Vanilla AoM alive! I just hope that when you get Titans back up Vanilla can sustain itself!

ToR Members
Yes, it may seem unusual that I am giving my support to that of a ToR member that has proven himself, however 2 individuals have both proven themselves. ToR_Korn and ToR_Strutman, now just Strutman, have both proven themselves by joining HoR games and hosting WRPs alongside ours, meaning 2 full games are being hosted, rather than just 1! You two have proven yourselves over the last few weeks.

External Members
Now, members of no clans will get some thanks!
Peace_Be_Upon_You you have stuck around despite what has happened and have provided assistance to namely Poseidon in what he has done. Thank you!

Congratulations to all of you! This list will be expanded when needbe. But all of these members have provided some exceptional assistance in some way to the Ressurection of ESO!

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