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HoR Training!

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1HoR Training! Empty HoR Training! on Tue May 31, 2011 10:48 pm

Yeah, I am calling this again.

We have gained a fair few roleplayers in the last few weeks and in 2 weeks I would like to call a training session for every member!

The following member shall be left out for a particular reason:
HoRH_Scout43 (Reason: Is an Elite roleplayer, does not require training)

I am asking all members of the Lord rank, Prince rank and King rank to do this, now here is the basic prinicple:

Lords shall be training members of the Earl, Warrior and Member rank
Princes shall be training members of the SA, Advisor, OV and Lord rank

You MAY call upon assistance of myself, another prince/lord or a member of the HoRH rank, all trained members should be posted here when complete.

I myself will be training the princes and anyone of any other rank.

Also, these are NOT private games, all members can be trained, if a member of another clan wishes to be trained in Roleplay so be it, if someone wants to learn how to Roleplay so be it. We will allow ANYONE to enter training sessions, although since these are based for HoR, it is best to get the member(s) you are training in first.


PS: After you have trained them (Go through a full RP, then give them pointers in how to improve) Then you must roleplay with them around a week after, this is when you can tell them if they have improved or not, you can put fixed sessions on here if you like, and members of the Lord rank, I am changing your role during this time to allow you to promote members up to WR rank without my permission, however to promote to HoRH you MUST have the permission from me or a fellow Prince.

@ Poseidon and Codie:
Depending on how well you two do during these sessions, I will determine who becomes OV, I have decided that you two are the fitting candidates seeing as our last OV left when Tennis formed RoT (But oddly did NOT join RoT and is still not in a clan). I will require to attend a training session from both of you and a follow up session after, I will NOT partake in the training and pointers while you are there, I will give them pointers when you are not watching, I will be looking at this to determine who to promote.

Those who do not have an idea on training sessions please contact me and I will train you, then you will get the idea of how to do training sessions Wink
This also takes you off the list of who needs Training.

So far the list stands as:
None Trained.

Good Luck to those training, note this is not meant to harm you or be aggressive to you, this is here to improve your standard of Roleplaying, we have alot of good RPers here and I intend to push everyones standard up.

I myself will be attending a training session of whoever is the new OV, do NOT be afraid to criticise me Razz

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2HoR Training! Empty HoR Training on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:28 am

I just came across this now. With Hade's permission I would like to update the role of HoRHs, who are not required to be in the training sessions. I have come up with another job for you HoRHs, seeing as you are the role models of the HoR_RPers. Smile

Of course, a HoRH is a person who has proven themselves in every aspect of a full RP. This includes how you build your camp/hut/village/town/city/empire/etc. Of course with embellishments (Old man decorations) and unique building patterns and so on and so forth. Unless of course you are doing a Nomad RP.

Another aspect is of course, the storyline. How your RP is structured, if it has a visible foundation during the RP as well as a visible objective. Character persistance, such as remembering the names of each character who actually is given one. This tends to be a problem among you forgetful people. You know who you are Wink

The part I would like to add is how you interact with a third party. Lets say you are RPing with a friend who knows what he is doing and [lets call them noobs] would like to jump in, but can't find a way. As a role model, the right thing to do would be to help them jump in, but of course, you are not always sympathetic... (Don't worry, I am not always either rabbit ) Of course I don't expect the HoRHs to help EVERY noob everytime, but one thing I would want the HoRHs to do is to help give constructive criticism when ANY person asks during ANY RP. This is to improve the commune skills. Which is the ultamite goal, am I right? The HoRHs should not just be the role model RPers for the HoR_Clan but for the whole commune. Hosting a "WRP 101" for the beginners is also pretty handy, because nowadays, with the low number of players, some noobs just expect being booted from the WRPs upon joining, so they don't anymore. This will give them a chance to come into it. Although the training sessions pretty much offer them that chance anyway.

So far we have 5 HoRHs and myself as HoRC. These members are:

HoRH_Gold_Sol a.k.a. Sol_Ruler_Gold (The new accounts are still bugged)
Grasbal (A member, but better known without his tag, for obvious reasons) tongue

I hope we can promote RPing alittle more. Its one of the last reasons I am still coming on AoM after a long, stressful day to unwind cheers

GL,HF,RP. Now goodnight. Sleep Sleep Sleep

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3HoR Training! Empty Re: HoR Training! on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:31 am

Idea approved, its a nice idea and would give the HoRHs more to do.

Besides, it completely fits within our aim, which is to improve our skills and support the average community member.

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