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3 pieces of news!

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13 pieces of news! Empty 3 pieces of news! on Wed May 25, 2011 2:06 am

Well, these are important, so I suggest you listen to these, the first is we are now a brother commune of DRP (They are a brother clan of ours) upon the following terms:

- We Share our information together, and we treat our members between clans as equals, meaning HoR members can see hidden DRP forums and discuss the policies, and DRP members can do the same at the HoR site, no information can be with-held from eachothers clan (Well, the leaders can limit this to the members or not, although secret HoR info will be shared out to the members)
- We stay true to our alliance, and we support our allies when they are in trouble (If its an attack on a leader then that isnt an attack on the clan necessarily)
- We support and with-hold the ideals of our allies, although we focus upon our clans ideals we help with our allies ideals now as much as we can and when we can
- Members are allowed to move freely between our clans would be a nice motive and grant more freedom to our members, there is to be NO case into this!

Now, the second bit of news isnt so good im afraid!

DRP_Pres_Ninja has resigned from DRP and left altogether, he can be found under "Super_Mega_Ninja" and "ApacheRaider"
More Info here

Good Luck to ex-pres Ninja!

I am attempting contact with Connex and Pumbaa to see if they are willing to continue our Brotherhood.


Finally, this is not as important but is important nonethe less!

Our community site, despite inactivity has gone live!

Union of Roleplayers

Good Luck and feel free to invite anyone! That way we can be run by the community rather than ourselves!

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