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Age of Empires 4 idea

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1Age of Empires 4 idea Empty Age of Empires 4 idea on Sat May 21, 2011 2:59 am

Here is an idea for the next age of empires Razz

Age of Empires 4: 1900-1982

[*] United Kingdom
[*] Germany
[*] Russia
[*] France
[*] USA
[*] Austria-Hungary
[*] Turkey
[*] Japan
[*] Italy (possible expansion army)
[*] African Tribals (possible Expansion army)
[*] ANZACs
[*] China
[*] Argentina
[*] Cuba
[*] North Vietnam (possible expansion army)
[*] South Vietnam (possible expansion army)

More detail on each civ:

United Kingdom - At the start of the period they are an economic success, their troops are the best trained in the world however their elites take an extra population - plus alot of their guns in later periods are imported, so troops cost more, the British are strong economically at the start but lack in the final age, their navy and special forces are truly the best, they also gain good late game tanks and good mid game aircraft
Germany - A strong economic civ throughout, excluding the 1920s, they will gain a sudden dip during this period but will in general, be a strong force to reckon with, they produce strong weaponry, which increases costs, however their troops are high in morale, they are the most balanced civ at the start, they also gain access to tanks that are hard to beat and a stern hard luftwaffe (Which few can claim to be better than)
Russia - A superpower, their numbers means that their population limit is actually a full 100 higher than every other civ, however they have a dramatic decrease in skills, at the start of the game their units are extremely costly due to the lack of weaponry, late game their units are cheap due to cheap weaponry costs, they are the only rival in terms of tanks to Germany mid game
France - A strong force with good defences, they concentrate on their defencive power and gain access to special defence weapons such as Bunker Defence lines. Thier normal buildings however, lack in health and their troops lack health and attack, their guns are unreliable but cheap, however the French have the best troops when garissoned, their troops however, have the most effect when attacking with an officer - a French attack without an officer will fall quickly

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