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Surprises :D and 6 months of HoR

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1Surprises :D and 6 months of HoR Empty Surprises :D and 6 months of HoR on Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:21 am

HoR (Tomorrow) will be exactly 6 months old, and to celebrate I am giving promotions to 2 highly deserving members!

HoR_King_Tennis, you do not quite carry all the rights as I may overrule any act you use! So, from now on we are 100% equal! Only the clan may overrule our acts, not eachother, although we may try to discourage the other from doing it Razz

Remember these words: We serve the people of AoM and the members of our clan, we do not serve our own will and therefore we must act how the majority wishes!

And the other is of course... Koo!

HoR_SA_Koo has been working with us for a while, like Tennis and has been due for a promotion for a while now, Prince is a hard rank to get and here it is!

HoR_Prince_Koo, you may serve either me or Tennis, there are 2 princes maximum for every king! (Which there will be 2 Razz)

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